She’d been so excited when he offered to choose a sex toy for her to buy. Her very first toy, what would it be, a cute little vibe, a butt plug perhaps, she’d always got so wet thinking about wearing one of those for him. Or maybe he’d even pick a dildo. He loved to tease her about her virginity, how she hadn’t even put a finger in herself before she met him. He’d tell her how good it would feel inside, if she was allowed to play, but had kept her waiting, and edging, so long thinking about it.
So when he opened the ‘Dildos’ tab on the website her heart began to race, this was it, he was finally going to teach her how it felt to fuck herself.
‘That one’ he told her, and her mouth literally dropped open.
A double dildo. A thick, long double dildo.
‘Might as well train both holes at the same time, don’t you think, babygirl?’